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Dr. Turki Faisal Al Rasheed DBA, EMBA, BAE

Date of Birth: 1954

Nationality: Saudi

Businessman, currently the Chairman of Golden Grass, Inc., and TFIC. Director/Founder of Saudi Voters Center and established Al Ulama Management & Agricultural Consultancy Services and Feasibility Studies for both private and government organizations. Successfully defended the doctoral research ‘Agricultural Development Strategies: the Saudi Experience’ without corrections, which is extremely rare, at Liverpool Business School, (LBS), Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) earning a degree of Doctor in Business Administration (DBA). In view of that, LJMU offered a post of visiting professorship. Currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Arizona, USA.

Throughout my research journey, I had to understand theories that are necessary to an organization; and this helped me to understand how sustainability, stakeholder theory, and corporate social responsibility help an organization see what it should do, what it actually does, and the instruments required to achieve its goals. I have been invited to be a speaker at various conferences and gave lectures to reputable universities both locally and internationally.

I chose to start my own business and not to work for anybody to create my own road.  After returning from the USA with my newly born son, I created a company named Turki Faisal International Corporation (TFIC), established in 1981as a successful general trading business and maintenance  company in both private and government organizations.

Golden Grass, Inc. is an agriculture and contracting company, established in 1982.  Its business is diversified into farming, trading of agrochemicals, animal health, environmental health, recruitment, construction and maintenance.  In 2006, Golden Grass, Inc. celebrated 25 years of successful business in Saudi Arabia.  It showcases the achievements of being the top exporter of peanuts in the Middle East (Search Magazine 1995, 1996 &1997) and one of the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia (Arab News and Al Eqtisadiah Newspaper 1995, 1999, 2000 & 2001).

The Saudi Voters Center is a non-government and non-profit organization launched in 2004.  It is the first bilingual website specializing in releasing, exploring and discussing all the latest issues regarding the Saudi elections. It achieved 4.0 million hits four months after launching (Arab News 17 Feb 2005).

Saudi in Focus was launched in 2007; it is a daily electronic publication that delivers news and articles about all aspects of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world. It currently receives an average of 7.0  million hits per month.  It highlights Saudi Arabia’s role in regional and national economies, societies, and political debate.  In addition, publishes commentary by a range of journalists, scholars, and policy makers around the globe.

Al Ulama Management and Agricultural Consulting Services was established to help and give consulting services to government and private organization projects in relation to agriculture in particular and how to enhance food security, alleviate poverty and promote economic growth in particular.


Date Level Subject
2011 Doctorate  in Business Administration (DBA)Liverpool John Moores University, UK Agricultural Development Strategies: the Saudi Experience
2004 Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA)King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia Business Administration
1981 Bachelor of Arts (BA)University of Arizona, USA Agricultural Engineering



Dates Organization Position
2013 The University of Arizona, USA Adjunct Professor
2012 Liverpool John Moores University, UK Visiting Research Fellow
2011 Al Ulama Management & Agricultural Consultancy Services Founder /Director




Saudi Voters Center

  • Saudi election
  • Saudi in focus
1982 Golden Grass, Inc.

  • Agriculture company
  • Food Producer
1981 Turki Faisal International Corporation (TFIC)

  • Trading company
  • Maintenance company
  • Investment company


Date Organization Position
2011 Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East conflicts (SISMEC) University of Arizona, USA Acting Chairman
2000 -2004 National Agriculture Development Company (NADEC), Saudi Arabia Board Member
1990 -1996 Riyadh Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee, Saudi Arabia Member


With over 30 years’ experience in the business world and agriculture field   has in-depth local knowledge and technical expertise of the KSA food production industry. Expert in the field of food security and food sovereignty and has widely published on the topic in KSA. Currently promoting Sustainable Agricultural Development (SAD) to enhance security, alleviating poverty and promote economic growth.  Research title “Agricultural Development Strategies”: the Saudi Experience.


Frequent TV and newspaper commentator both local and international about the local and internationals issues related to Saudi Arabia such as Al Eqtissadiah TV, BBC UK, Al Arabiya, Saudi Channel 1, New York Times, The National Newspaper UAE, Reuters etc.


Date TV and Radio Stations Subject
May 2012 Al Hurra TV station Agricultural Development Strategies: the Saudi Experience
May 2010 NPR Radio Station Poverty Hides Amid Saudi Arabia’s Oil Wealth
Jan. 2010 Al Eqtisadiah TV station Government Subsidies Saudi Arabia-Economic issues
Jan.2010 Al Eqtisadiah TV station The continuous Saudi economic crisis; are they real or created
May 2008 BBC TV World Report Agriculture in Saudi Arabia: Middle East Business report
Jan 2008 Al Eqtisadiah TV station Sovereign Wealth Fund
Nov 2004 BBC Radio Saudi Arabia Municipal Elections



Date Publications
2012 Post Arab Spring (Arabic): The manual labor of Democracy ChangeThese books are selected articles about the impact of the Arab revolution on the Arab world in general and Saudi Arabia in particular.
2012 Agricultural Development Strategies: the Saudi Experience (Arabic)A translation of the book in English with more emphasis for the Arab readers. This book is about the role of agriculture to enhance food security, alleviate poverty and promote economic growth. 
2012 Agricultural Development Strategies: the Saudi Experience (English)This book is about the role of agriculture to enhance food security, alleviate poverty and promote economic growth. 
2010 Al Tab Al UlaThis book (the English translation of its title is ‘First Edition’) is a selection of articles, some of which have already been published in the newspapers. The book explores the needs to reflect on the issues relevant to the Saudi reality and the future on the heels of turbulence that devastated the Arab World.
2010 Ma Ka TabtThis book (the English translation of the title is ‘What I have written’) is presented in the form of a collection of articles concerned with dealing with and addressing the issues that trouble the community. Based on careful investigation and documentation, this book takes into consideration the views of specialists in extending the formulation of the problems and issues facing society to provide solutions according to the available resources and capabilities of the parties.


Write articles in various English and Arabic Newspaper namely: Arab News, Al Watan, Al Riyadh, Al Jazirah, Al Eqtisadiah newspapers and Saudi in focus website in Saudi Arabia about local, political, social and internationals issues.  It runs normally about 1,000 words per article.  ARTICLES in ENGLISH: ARAB NEWS

Date Subject
April 2011 Upcoming municipal elections – emergence of reform
Feb 2010 Arab food security gap
Jan 2009 Why should we bail out US automobile Industry
Nov 2008 Eradicating poverty: Role of agriculture
Dec 2008 Egyptian agriculture: incentives and obstacles
Nov 2008 What ails Sudan’s agricultural sector



Date Article title
27 Oct 2011 Crown Prince Sultan and 5 decades knowing him
29 June 2008 Food security gap in the Arab world
03 June 2009 Saudi Real estate and housing: urgent solutions to current crisis
02 Jan 2008 Appearing in the media: of age or accessories from the imperatives!
14 Nov 2007 Restructuring  Saudi subsidies: it is about time



Date Article title
04 June 2008 Sudan and the risks surrounding the role of mercenary armies
19 May 2008 Egyptian agriculture: incentives and obstacles
14 May 2008 Farming in Sudan: opportunities and complexities


Date Article title
07 June 2012 We are waiting for the ministerial committee for  results on rural migration
12 Apr 2012 News print maybe time to panic
01 Apr 2012 Arab spring in the Arab countries
18 Mar 2012 Saudi Military academy acceptance
01 Mar 2012 The illusions of Israel attacking Iran and the GCC position
19 Feb 2012 Agriculture information center
29 Jan 2012 Political Islam: Prospects Success and Failures
19 Jan 2012 Agriculture is not wheat only
30 Jan 2008 Saudi nuclear reactor and insurance benefits for future phase (2-2)
28 Jan 2008 Saudi nuclear reactor and insurance benefits for future phase (2-1)


Date Article title
22 Aug 2009 Saudi agricultural strategy when it will see the light?
11 July  2009 Social responsibility between the government and the private sector
04  July 2009 Family business challenges maintaining the existing wealth.
27 June 2009 Male and Female thinking
20 June 2009 Time management
13 June 2009 Saudi poverty in figures
06 June 2009 Saudi youth demand and opportunities
30 May 2009 Barack Obama’s Arab world visit and the Israeli interests
23 May 2009 Legend of the office
16 May 2009 Saudis dream of home ownership
09 May 2009 Natural disaster management
02 May 2009 The end of a nation
25 Apr 2009 Awaiting for the Saudi house of representatives
18 Apr 2009 Senior positions with academic title
11 Apr 2009 Saudi privatization programs
04 Apr 2009 Dear Mr. President, I am  giving you my advice
28 Mar 2009 Corruption: the biggest obstacle to development
21 Mar 2009 Why don’t you smile?
14 Mar 2009 Illegitimate academic titles
07 Mar 2009 The black box of the Saudi Shura council
28 Feb 2009 Influential individual: role and responsibility
21 Feb 2009 Saudi Education and labor market gap
14 Feb 2009 Saudi elections and coherence of the home front
07 Feb 2009 Higher education future in the Gulf
31 Jan 2009 Transportation and the growth of inter-Arab trade
24 Jan 2009 Value Added Tax Saudi Arabia
17 Jan 2009 The United States Outlook
07 Jan 2009 The role of agriculture to alleviate poverty and  developing rural areas
21 Dec 2008 Saudi public opinion polls
01 Dec 2008 Saudi media: reality and  expectations
18 Nov 2008 Thank you, Mr. President Obama
03 Nov 2008 Is it the end of American capitalism?
26 Oct 2008 Creation of civil society tribes
22 Oct 2008 Saudi Arabia and the choices available
16 Oct 2008 Failed  States
07 Oct 2008 Bush administration: the final accounts
23 Sept 2008 Saudi economy: who is responsible?
09 Sept 2008 Saudi labor market reform
09 Aug 2008 Why not strive for a normal society?
04 Aug 2008 Blackwater out: Graystone in
30 July 2008 Bush and Cheney legacy and poison
21 July 2008 Saudi suburbs waste and garbage
14 July 2008 When religion becomes evil
01 July 2008 Post  U.S. dominance
18 June 2008 Mercenaries in the Middle east
10 June 2008 Sudan and mercenaries
31 May 2008 Saudi universities : appointed vs. selected
19 May 2008 Agriculture Egypt: opportunities and obstacles
11 May 2008 Farming in Sudan: opportunities and complexities
01 May 2008 Unutilized five millions hands in Saudi Arabia
15 Apr 2008 Saudi unexpected disaster
31 Mar 2008 Economic issues in the Arab economic conference
25 Mar 2008 National crisis plan for Saudi Arabia
11 Mar 2008 Average life expectancy vs. age retirement
18 Feb 2008 Imprisonment and alternative punishment
10 Feb 2008 Solution for Saudi housing crisis
05 Feb 2008 A good citizen
22 Jan 2008 U.S. occupation of Iraq
16 Jan 2008 What after Bush?
08 Jan 2008 Public relation in Saudi Arabia: necessity or luxury?
4 Dec 2007 Financial dream seller and wealth bleeder
24 Nov 2007 Saudi Arabia Sovereign wealth funds



Date Article title
17 Dec 2011 Containing the extremist
10 Dec 2011 Conferences in Saudi Arabia: What is wrong?
03 Dec 2011 Winners and Losers from the Arab Spring
26 Nov 2011 Negotiating games USA vs. Iran
19 Nov2011 Arab world position: retreating the USA dominance
11 Nov 2011 Arab revolutions inspire the  rest of the world
17 Oct  2011 Attempt to assassinate Al-Jubeir: Who benefits?
14 Oct 2011 Gap between rich and poor in the Arab world
26 Aug 2011 Libya after the Gaddafi…where to go?
20 Aug 2011 Syria…before the end
13 Aug 2011 Trial of the Pharaoh: lessons
06 Aug 2011 Link to the U.S. economy: need to review
15 July 2011 Egypt: challenges and opportunities of the post-revolution
09 July 2011 Egypt-Saudi Bridge
02 July 2011 People’s aspirations vs. special interest group
25 June 2011 Turkey and the administration of Arab citizen
18 June 2011 Entrepreneurship program in the Kingdom
11 June 2011 Yemen new era
04 June 2011 Arab League: lost dream!
28 May 2011 Obama’s speech: what’s new?
21 May 2011 USA relations and the new Middle East
14 May 2011 Features of the next decade
07 May 2011 GCC confederation will it see the light?
30 Apr 2011 Agricultural investment abroad a must, but!
23 Apr 2011 Living with fear
16 Apr 2011 Post Arab Spring
09 Apr 2011 Strategy of distraction
02 Apr 2011 The next municipal elections: beginning of reform
26 Mar 2011 Steps on the road to reform
19 Mar 2011 Bahrain: toward real disarmament defuse tension
03 Mar 2011 Toward an effective decisions
25 Feb 2011 Bahrain in the eye of the storm
19 Feb 2011 Winds of change
14 Feb 2011 A new Arab world
11 Feb 2011 Arab peoples are moving: will leaders fulfill the promise?
06 Feb 2011 The Arab world and the emergence of a new era


Date Association
2010 Charitable institution to care for Saudi Families Abroad (AWASSER)
2004 Saudi Management Association
2004 Saudi Society for Agriculture Sciences
2004 Saudi Council of Engineers
2002 Saudi Korean Business Association – Riyadh Chamber of Commerce


Date Recognition/Awards
2005 Prominent Alumni, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)
2005 Election monitoring, Certificate Saudi Arabia
2008 Silver Certificate, Agriculture Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee 25 years


Date Attendance Location Title
2-5 July 2013 Workshop Director Cambridge University, UK The 2013 Gulf Research Meeting: Sustainable Development Challenges in the GCC
16 April2013 Invited to be panelist on Qatar University: Doha, Qatar Round Table Seminar on Iran and Saudi Arabia: Exploring Iran & Saudi Arabia’s Interest in Afghanistan & Pakistan: Stakeholders or Spoilers – A Zero Sum Game?
25-27Feb2013 Invited to be panelist  on Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Investing in Regional Food Security: Global Aginvesting Middle East 2013
14-15 Nov 2012 Invited to speak on Qatar UniversityDoha, Qatar The International Conference on Food Security in Dry Lands – Food security in the Middle East and the role of Private Capital
12 May 2012 Invited to give lecture on University of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia The role of agriculture to enhance security, alleviate poverty and promote economic growth
9 May 2012 Invited to speak on King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ‘Agricultural Development Strategies: The Saudi Experience’The Saudi Economy: Opportunities and Ambitions.
30 Sept.2011 Invited to give lecture The University of Arizona,Tucson, Arizona, USA The role of agriculture and how it will enhance security and the promotion of economic growth
27Sept. 2011 Invited to give lecture Princeton University,New Jersey, USA Running out of food in the Middle East? Food security and the challenges of the Arab Spring
24 May2011 Invited to speak on King Saud University,Saudi Arabia ‘Starting a Business’King Saud University Entrepreneurship Center
16 Sept.2010 Invited to speak on Universidad De Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina ‘Agriculture Development Strategies (ADS) to enhance food security, alleviate poverty and promote economic growth: the Saudi Arabia Experience’ at the Agribusiness: opportunities between Argentina and the Middle East Conference
22 June2010 Invited to speak on Liverpool, UK ‘Investigating Saudi Arabia’s Agricultural Development Strategies’Third Annual Doctoral Conference, LJMU
7April2010 Invited to be a panelist Brussels, Belgium. ‘South South Cooperation’Crans Montana Forum 2010: Africa after the London and Pittsburg G20s: The New Economic Parameters
8 April 2010 Invited to be a panelist Brussels, Belgium. ‘The Role of Agriculture to enhance security and alleviate Poverty’Crans Montana Forum 2010: Africa after the London and Pittsburg G20s: The New Economic Parameters
9 April 2010 Invited to be a Moderator Brussels, Belgium. ‘New Leaders of Tomorrow’Crans Montana Forum 2010: Africa after the London and Pittsburg G20s: The New Economic Parameters
13 to 16 Apr 2010 Invited to be a panelist on Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ‘Agriculture and Food Security’Jeddah Economic Forum 2010: The Global Economy 2020


Date Activities
2011 Management Consultant
2011 Agriculture Consultant
2010 Poll Observer Bahrain Municipal Elections
2010 Frequent writer in various English and Arabic Newspapers
2007/09 Weekly columnist Al Watan Saudi newspaper
2006 Poll Observer Kuwait Parliament Election
2005 Poll Observer Saudi Arabia Municipal Election


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