Quotes of Dr Turki​​

“Sustainable agricultural development is vital for the enhancement of food security, alleviation of poverty and promotion of economic growth in rural areas”
“Water resources management for sustainability and its optimal use in agriculture”
“Arab food should be produced with Arab capital, Arab land and Arab water”
“Any ruler will use two swords-the sword of religion and of tribalism”
““ I go back (to the tribe) because I feel more secure – it will secure me more than a country of civil society “​​
“Natural behavior for birds of a feather…to gather together and engage “
“The minute you are counted on or backed by the western powers, kiss it goodbye you will never win on election in the Middle East“
“The real estate industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been on the uptrend. In fact, it’s a huge market with bright prospects”
“Now Farming should stand alone without a heavy subsidy from the government. We have been anticipating this for many years now, and have acted accordingly”
“We can learn from each other and see to evolve and make things work for the best and take the best from each other”.
“We may be moving on the same track, but our ends are different”
Arab food should be produced with “Arab Capital, Arab land, and Arab Water.
he only way you could enhance security and fight poverty is through sustainable strategic agriculture, you need to keep those rural areas…inhabited.
Social Agriculture, is not just a business, it’s multifunctional. It’s a social function, it’s food security, farm diversification & innovation, improve the quality of life of the farmers.
You decided to make the surgery but you don’t want to pay the price after the surgery

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