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Master’s in Public Administration in Bahrain

Master’s in Public Administration in Bahrain

Public Governance and Strategic Management Capabilities: Public Governance in the Gulf States book course in Bahrain

Newly published book identifies the strategic capabilities needed for effective public governance in the Gulf States and points to the capability developments that might increase government effectiveness

A new book has just been published on public governance in the six Gulf States of the GCC. It is written by Turki Al Rasheed and his co-author, Paul Joyce.  The book – “Public Governance and Strategic Management Capabilities: Public Governance in the Gulf States” – was published by Routledge in January 2017. This is a book about the modernization of public governance and the development of “strategic states”. One reviewer of the book said, “This book fills a gap in comparative information on public governance by providing evidence of what is happening in the Gulf States”.

The book uses research findings from quantitative data analysis and comparative analysis of the six Gulf States to identify the strategic capabilities that matter for effective public governance and how these vary between them. It therefore provides some important pointers to the capability development challenges facing the governments of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The book addresses the needs of public managers and civil servants, especially those carrying responsibility for the delivery of government policies. It looks at public action and identifies the causes and conditions of successful government policies in the areas of economics, environment and social wellbeing.

This book was given its first test in February 2017 as a course text in Bahrain Institute of  Public Administration (BIPA) .

Master’s of Public Management (MPM) programme is co-organized in Bahrain by five partners institutions.  Namely, Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA), Aix-Marseille University, AMU France, (in the 150 top rank universities in the world according to Shanghai ranking as the largest French speaking university in the world. The  largest public university in France. University of Bahrain (the largest public university in Bahrain). Ecole Nationale D’adminsitration ENA France (ENA the French National School of Administration. One of the world’s most prestigious public administration school. Tamkeen (part of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives).


The book was on a University of Bahrain’s Masters Course in Public Management with course title “Governance mechanisms and political institutions in the Gulf Countries” – less than a month after its publication.

There was a very positive reaction by the Masters students, who seemed to appreciate its vocational relevance, its fresh content and it’s up to date evidence as much as its academic frameworks and underpinning. The students on the Masters course were all in responsible positions in the civil service. In essence, the book addressed their need for a strategic perspective on public governance and government effectiveness.

More of an idea of the book and its approach may be found in a recent book review published by the Saudi Gazette.

We sincerely hope this book may be of much interest within the Arabian Peninsula, that it might contribute positively to discussion and debate about public management, and find an audience among practitioners in government as well as students taking Public Administration and Public Management courses in Gulf state universities.


Paul Joyce and Turki Al Rasheed

March 2017

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