Future of Arizona Agriculture 10 Years and Beyond

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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at the University of Arizona, Tucson, held a panel discussion on the “Future of Arizona Agriculture 10 Years and Beyond” on 3 November 2017. It was organized by the College’s Department of Agricultural and Resources Economics, Department of Agricultural and Bio-systems engineering and the Global Initiative for Strategic Agriculture in Dry Lands.

One of the panelists was Dr. Turki Faisal Al Rasheed, who delivered a talk about “Agricultural Trade: The Saudi Perspective”.  It highlighted the US agricultural exports to Saudi Arabia, particularly Arizona’s agriculture exports, and ways to further increase agricultural trade between the US and Saudi Arabia. The panel discussion was in two parts; the first panel discussion was composed of five speakers and a moderator. The theme of this first panel discussion was “Arizona’s Agriculture Future: Challenges and Opportunities”.  The second panel discussion comprised seven speakers and a moderator, and its theme was “Arizona’s Agriculture Future: Emerging Niches and Technology Innovations”. The panelists and their talk include the following:Panel
The panel discussions created an atmosphere of enthusiasm among the participants and audience, especially those focusi

ng on the potential of Arizona’s farming community in exporting their produce to other countries.  Furthermore, new technologies on sustainable farming have been introduced including the use of artificial intelligence (robotic farm equipment) to enhance productivity.  The importance of social media was also mentioned.

The panel discussions were concluded with a question and answer from the audience to the panel.  It gave an in-depth understanding and analysis on the possible the future of Arizona agriculture. It showed new techniques and innovation on sustainable agricultural development.

To watch the video please click this link below:

Panel Discussion Session 1:


Panel Discussion Session 2:




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