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Dr Turki Faisal Al Rasheed delivered a talk entitled “Chart Your Way to Success” at the Islamic Center of Tucson (ICT), Arizona, on 10 November 2017. The ICT is situated near the world-renowned University of Arizona; it serves as both a prayer space and a community center, and caters to all Muslims of Southern Arizona and the larger community as a whole.

Dr. Rasheed’s talk was organized by the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at the University of Arizona. The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University describes the MSA as a national network of student-led groups aiming to help individuals and groups understand the religion of Islam while promoting cultural diversity and tolerance. The MSA also contributes to the general community which help in strengthening the bonds between Muslim and non-Muslim students.

Dr. Rasheed’s talk was part of the MSA’s mission activities called MSA Weekly #9 which feature prominent guest, speakers and other related activities to strengthen the fraternal bonds among its members, and promote friendly relations between Muslim and non-Muslim students, help individuals and groups understand Islam and promote cultural understanding among members and the campus community, organize and provide facilities for the religious and social activities on and off campus, and provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the University community.

During the talk, Dr. Rasheed energized the audience by imparting food for thought on self-improvement, career development and ways to achieve their goals. He also provided achievable exercises on how to reach each goal, in which the audience participated.

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