Members of the GCC and the University of Arizona will gather in Tucson, Arizona for the 6th Annual Gulf Cooperation Council Alumni Reunion from January 21 through the 24. An extensive program of activities has been lined up for the event, which includes educational tours of the UA Mirror Lab, Biosphere 2 and Banner University Medical Center to name a few.  Additionally, seminars and conferences will be held throughout the four day event.

 The GCC Alumni Reunion is held annually, with rotating venues every year within the countries of the GCC. The GCC countries are composed of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This year, the GCC Alumni Committee has decided to hold the 2016 event in Tucson, Arizona.

 The objectives of the GCC UA alumni are as follows:

 Firstly, to bring together all the GCC students who have studied at the University of Arizona, to foster camaraderie among the alumni and recognize their achievements and contribution in their fields of expertise.

Secondly, to act as a bridge between the GCC countries and the United States by facilitating and encouraging business and academic opportunities through the University of Arizona.

Finally, to create a better understanding between the GCC countries and the United States.

Coinciding with the 6th Annual Gulf Cooperation Council Alumni Reunion will be a seminar on the Climate Adaption, Food and Water to be held on January 21, 2016 at the University of Arizona Student Union in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Al Rasheed will be a speaker and panelist discussing Social Agriculture: Strategic Management Capabilities for Sustainable Development in the Rural Areas. He will be joined by five other panelists.

Furthermore, there will be a question and answer session for guests and audience at the panel after the presentation.

As an Adjunct Professor at CALS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, Dr. Al Rasheed will deliver a lecture for UA graduate students on January 25, 2016 entitled “The Roles of Saudi Arabia in the 21st Century Globalized World”. It will focus on Saudi Arabia’s role in shaping its policies and governance in a globalized world regarding oil, politics, and economy.

Dr. Al Rasheed will also deliver a lecture for students of The School of Middle Eastern and African Studies, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The lecture, to be held on January 28, 2016. will focus on the current phenomenon of refugees and migration, and is titled “Agriculture and Migration, Settlement and Nomadic Bedouin Culture.”

Dr. Al Rasheed will discuss the current influx of Middle Eastern and North Africa refugees into Europe which resulted from the effects of war and famine.


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